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April 25, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 4-25-2019 hour 2: Words, Joyful marriage and Arbor day

Merriam-Webster has added 640 new words to the dictionary. But IMHO some of them are NOT actually words and others are words, but shouldn’t be.  

The point: words matter. Words are an indication of cultural values and expose trends. So, what does it say about us – what story does it tell – that Rap songs, crass talk and social media slang now drive the engine of linguistic change in America?

Merriam-Webster has also added “new meanings to old words” (think snowflake). This is how words are appropriated and its important for Christians to understand that this is happening to theological words as well as words in the more common vernacular. 

As a Christian, we must first concern ourselves with the Word of God – eternally unchanging and yet new every time you open it and allow yourself to be read by it. That’s right. As you and I read the Word of God, it reads us.

Consider anew today the Word of God – and the words of God spoken into and over your life today.


Now, let’s talk marriage. Is your marriage joyful? Joy-filled? Do you want a restoration of joy in your marriage? Chris Coursey of ThriveTraining has co-authored The 4 Habits of Joy-Filled Marriages and joins Carmen to talk about CAKE. (tasty-teaser, right?)

Earlier this week was Earth Day and Friday is Arbor Day so today was a good day to catch up with Dr. Matthew Sleeth and his new book, Reforesting Faith. Its a book about all the trees in the Bible!





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