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April 3, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 4-3-2019 hour 1: Ryan Burge on race, religion and evangelicalism and Pilgrims Progress movie

Dr. Ryan Burge is a professor of political science and his research focuses largely on the intersection between religiosity and political behavior, especially in the American context. He recently wrote an article entitled  Race, Religion, and the Future of American Evangelicalism – posted at and joined Carmen to talk about it.


After defining some terms (how do you define evangelicalism today?), they discuss the “three important trends regarding race and faith” Dr. Burge identifies in his article.

  1. Evangelicals are not keeping pace with America’s racial diversity
  2. African Americans and Hispanics are on the forefront of the rise of “nothing in particular” category of religious affiliation.
  3. non-white evangelicals often have higher rates of religious attendance

Then Steve Cleary from Revelation Media joins Carmen to talk about the upcoming Pilgrims Progress movie in theaters April 18 and 20. Check it out at Pilgrim.Movie



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