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April 30, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 4-30-2019 Clue: Dan’s wife in the garage with the shovel

Tommy Binion from The Heritage Foundation joins Carmen to talk through headline news, including:

  • The 2020 Democratic field – contrasts with Trump but not a great deal of contrast among the current field of 24. Binion notes the contrast of the candidates to the current administration on everything from Immigration to Federal Spending to the view of human life.
  • The conversation about charter schools leads to a broader conversation about school choice and educational reform.
  • Carmen and Tommy then look at HR5: the so-called Equality Act which will be considered in the coming days/weeks by the U.S. Congress and add SOGI to the protected classes of the 1964 Civil Rights and 1968 Fair Housing Acts.

Next up Carmen plays Clue: was it Dan Darling’s wife in the garage with the shovel? (Yes it was!)




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