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May 13, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 5-13-2019 hour 2: Mom, sleep and world affairs to keep you up at night!

If you’re a child then every day is, at some level, Mother’s Day. The relationship we have with our mother – from the very moment of that reality until the we die – the relationship we have with our mother shapes every other relationship.  How we see ourselves, find our place in the world, relate to the world and those in it is all shaped by the relationship we have with the one we call Mom. 

Dr. Linda Mintle joins Carmen for a conversation about her book, “I love my mother, but: practical help to get the most out of the relationship” and a related blog post, “Strengthening the Bond on Mother’s Day.” 

Linda says, “Because our relationship with our mother affects all our other relationships, the more we work on making peace and finding a meaningful connection, the more skilled we will be at all other relationships.” She continues, “Mothers teach us how to be intimate, to deal with conflict, how to feel about our bodies, how to cope, walk out our faith, and so much more. Moms shape our identity.One of the greatest gifts a mother can give a child is to be a mom who has worked on her own emotional issues related to her mom.”

Shifting gears, Carmen and Linda also discuss the need for sleep. In a post “7 Ways to Better Sleep,” Dr. Mintle says, “if you are awake for nineteen hours, you as as cognitively impaired as someone who is legally drunk. Sleep is needed to reboot our body and keep us alert. We need at least seven hours a night to maintain cognitive performance.” No wonder our world is so out of whack! We’re all operating the machinery of life cognitively impaired! If you can’t think straight or things feel like they’re spinning, maybe the reason lies in your sleep. 

In the second half of the episode, Carmen catches up with Dr. David Aikman for their weekly worldwind tour of American foreign policy and its worldview implications. Today, they look at:

  1. Upcoming EK Parliamentary elections (at the intersection with Brexit)
  2. Iran – and its theocratic dictatorship
  3. China – and its cyclical view of history


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