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May 14, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 5-14-2019 Pressure Points around the globe and Shelby Abbott on Pressure Points book

Carmen’s opening commentary juxtaposes the witness of two female actresses: Doris Day and Alyssa Milano. The connecting point? Chastity.

Tommy Binion from Heritage Foundation joins Carmen for conversations about:

  • China, trade, tariffs
    • You can bring OTHER exchanges into the discourse which is dominated by economic trade. What else do we “trade” with China? Do we trade ideas? What are the cultural, religious, democratic and informational truths we need to be exchanging and how does that happen?
    • In D.C., there are now investigations of the investigations – who watches the watchers?
    • HR5, The Equality Act, is up for a vote this Friday. Every Democratic member of Congress is expected to vote for it. What does that tell us about this cultural, political and ethical moment?

Shelby Abbott’s new book, Pressure Points: A guide to navigating student stress is out!  Shelby brings gospel solutions to bear on the myriad pressures students face today. He helps them face those pressures with humor and faith.






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