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May 17, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 5-17-2019 hour 1: Miracles, the politics of abortion and climate change

Don’t miss the miracles. If your media feed is filled with bad news, search for some good news. Type “miracle” into your Search bar and see what’s out there! Today, if you Google “miracle,” you’ll hear about a medical miracle in the U.K. giving you an opportunity to talk abut the Great Physician, healing, hope and the what it means to walk by faith. You’ll also hear about a miracle in Kentucky where a toddler wandered off from his back yard on Sunday and was located, unharmed, next to a cliff days later. This one gives you an opportunity to talk about the God of all grace who comes to seek and to save the lost – little children who have wandered from home and cry out in desperation. Indeed, the Incarnation is affirmation of the truth that help had to come from the outside.

Carmen’s conversation partners today are Matthew Hawkins and Dale Gentry.

Carmen and Matt talk about the proliferation of abortion legislation in states across the country, honing in on Alabama.  Life and death and identity and national values and the future are all in play in this debate.

Today, Planned Parenthood Federation of America will announce a six-figure digital ad buy over the coming weeks urging women voters to contact their legislators. The first ads will run in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky and North Carolina. If you live in one of those states, you should ask yourself WHY you are being targeted? Why is your state in the cross-hairs? Because they perceive your state, your lawmakers and your neighbors to be in play on the issue. What does that mean we should do? We should get off the sidelines and into the conversation! Every conversation. If life is God’s business, then as His Kingdom Ambassadors, it’s our business – in fact, it’s literally our family business. It’s time to tell our stories of abortion and adoption and coming alongside women who need a family the size of the church to choose life not only during pregnancy and up to the baby shower, but throughout life for all of life.

Planned Parenthood’s messaging says, “You deserve to know if the people who represent you in office support the Republican Party’s dangerous agenda to ban all abortion, or if they stand against it, and will stand up for your health and rights.” Our message is twofold: I represent God’s and His Kingdom principles here and now. Abortion bans are not the threat here. Life, who we are and who we were created to be and the future are under threat here. Is this who we want to be? Is female bodily autonomy our highest value personally or nationally?

You’re going to hear a lot about the possibility of overturning Roe v Wade at the Supreme Court but the more imperative turn is the turning of human hearts and minds on the issue. To see the unborn for who and what they truly are: human beings, created in the image of God, fearfully and wonderfully made. And to hear their beating heart. And to acknowledge their pain. And to call abortion what it is and deal with its post-traumatic aftermath.

Turning from the abortion debate to climate change, Carmen talks with professor Dale Gentry about why its 84 degrees in the Arctic Ocean. They talk about environmental stewardship and yes, cows.






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