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May 2, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 5-2-2019 hour 1: National day of prayer, Ben Johnson and Sheridan Voysey

Wow! What a day!

Carmen calls us all to pray on this National Day of Prayer then talks through the headlines with Ben Johnson from Acton. They discuss:

  1. The Barr hearing (this doesn’t take them long as there isn’t much to say other than people behaved badly)
  2. David Bentley Hart (if you’re not familiar with him, read this)
  3. Nicholas Sandman, the Covington KY high school student who the media falsely reported was engaging in racist conduct and instigating a hate crime by taunting a Native American elder following the March for Life in Washington DC in January. Sandman did no such thing and is now suing print publications for liable and online/on air outlets for defamation in federal court. (Ben thinks they’s all be wise to settle; Carmen thinks the point of suits is the reformation of media would means this will go court.)
  4. The shifting morality of Western civilization as evidenced in the case of a Canadian dad who has lost successive battles in court. The first to prevent his teenage daughter from receiving hormone blockers to prevent puberty and testosterone to aid her transition to a male identity. The second was the court finding that the father’s continued use of the name he gave his daughter when she was born and the use of female pronouns, constitutes family violence. He is forbidden from using her name or female pronouns in reference to her in either public or private – under threat of being arrested.

If your family faces challenges related to sexual orientation or gender identity, Carmen directs you to

Next, Carmen talks with Sheridan Voysey about his new book, The Making of Us: who we can become when life doesn’t go as planned. Voysey shares his personal journey of identity loss at personal and professional levels and the rediscovery of God’s new call for his life through pilgrimage. “Beautiful things can emerge from life not going as planned. It can even be the making of us.”

At the conclusion he reads the Creed





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