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May 21, 2019

We need an antonym for gossip and #SackclothandAshes

We need an antonym for gossip.  There isn’t one and we need one. We need a word to describe telling good on someone else.  We also need something to describe the opposite of a tattle-tale.  What do you call a person who tells on other people when they catch them doing good or being kind?  The witness needs a name and the act of telling on those we catch doing good needs a word as well. Send your word ideas to (Update: Jim LaBerge is submitting the word eulagia – which is Greek for good word or speaking good. But Carmen doesn’t really like the sound of eulagia so she’s still fishing.)

Nicole Phillips stopped by to share a kindness story on another person and she’ll back on May 23rd for Kindness Day.

Carmen offers commentary on the trend of suicide in America and then Bob Dalton shares the inspiring story of


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