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May 6, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 5-6-2019 Want to make sense of today’s headlines? Here you go!

Saturday was Star Wars Day so, may the 4th be with you. It was also Derby day, when some of the fastest horses in the world ran for the roses on a sloppy track and the winner was disqualified for side-stepping a puddle. Teaching us what, exactly? Sometimes you win and lose all in the same race.  Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo and Muslims around the world began their observance of Ramadan. Yes, you can can get God into all those conversations!

Millions watched Game of Thrones last night but millions more in Thailand participated in the coronation of a real king who they consider to be a living deity. The people of Japan met their new Emperor, whom they consider to be divine.  There is a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas but the saber rattling continues in the Middle East – including Iran, to which the U.S. has deployed both a carrier and battle task force.  Not to be forgotten, the North Koreans fired weapons the South Koreans say violate agreements and China has a 1000 year plan for world domination. In case there was any question, the real Game of Thrones continues.  As Christians we know that nations rise and fall, kings and kingdoms will all pass away – save for one.  God is enthroned without any real competition. We are His Ambassadors – deployed in the midst of the kingdoms of this world to bear witness to a reality beyond all this.

Carmen talks in this episode with Brandon Showalter from The Christian Post about three headlines:

  1. NIH study shows there was a dramatic rise in youth suicides following the release of Netflix’ 13 Reasons Why series. Carmen has a resource here.
  2. Teen Vogue pushes prostitution as a legitimate profession, likening it to being a medical doctor. While Montana takes the positive step of designating pornography a public health risk. Carmen has a resource here.
  3. The shooter in the San Diego synagogue was a kid raised by caring Christian parents, in the church. How could this happen and what can we learn from their experience?

In the second half, Carmen talks with Adam Carrington from Hillsdale College about:

  1. What Adam would say in a commencement address to 2019 grads. He said he would address them as human beings and then as citizens. His texts would be Proverbs 8 and Federalist paper 14.
  2. The National Day of prayer was a call to unity across division. So how do we live into that theology in our politically polarized day? Adam talks here about recognizing the humanity of the other as all are image bearers of God. Treat them as human beings, not enemies to be destroyed. He also reminded us that politics are not ultimate.
  3. Abortion and the ruling by the Kansas Supreme Court which Adam sees as the “most pro-abortion decision in American history to come from a court.”




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