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February 28, 2019

Mornings w Carmen hour 1, Thursday, 2-28-2019 North Korean summit and United Methodist update

By popular demand, each day’s show is now posted in two separate segments.

Carmen talks with Ben Johnson from the Acton Institute about the summit in Vietnam between President Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jung-Un. The President observed that “sometimes you have to walk.” By this he explained why he walked away from the table and the pace people can expect the talks to follow. The goal remains denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. The President made it clear that sanctions will not be lifted in advance of substantiated progress toward that goal.

Carmen and Ben also discuss the President’s response to a journalist’s question about Otto Warmbier at the press conference. Certainly the President is aware of the conditions endured by millions of North Koreans and foreigners held captive there.  So why give Kim Jung-Un a pass?  What can be said is this: Vietnam makes an interesting case study of a communist nation AND economic powerhouse. No wonder Kim wanted to meet there.

Turning toward issues at home, Carmen addresses the move by the United Methodist Church General Counsel to uphold the Church’s teaching on gender, sexuality and marriage.



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