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March 1, 2019

Mornings w Carmen hour 2, Friday, 3-1-2019 YouTube kids isn’t safe for kids and what do Christian Milliennials really think about evangelism?

In his Culture Clips post, Adam Holz from addresses the issue which surfaced this week related to YouTube kid’s app. A mom who is also a doctor discovered that one cartoon had imbedded clips of a man teaching kids how to commit suicide.  And the incident is not isolated.  There are actually a lot of videos on YouTube and YouTube kid’s (advertised as safe for those 8 and under) created to look like cartoons but which glorify topics and scenarios including self-harm, suicide ideation, sexual violence, abuse and other material not suitable for children.

Adam also talks about the Momo challenge, film rating systems, and then he and Carmen have a fun PluggedIn version of the Oscars.

A couple of weeks ago, Barna Research, in collaboration with Alpha, released findings from a survey of practicing Christians in the millennial generation. Carmen talks with the Director of LifeWay Social, Chris Martin about the findings.  Its a great discussion about the meaning of words, how we hear a question differently than depending on our experience, evangelism vs Evangelicalism, friendship vs meeting people for the purpose of proselytizing and authentic relationships in a pluralistic culture. Good times!


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