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February 28, 2019

Mornings w Carmen hour 2, Thursday, 2-28-2019 Should we shelve the Old Testament, do you believe in miracles and the Collegiate Day of Prayer

Do you hear the echo effect of the Old Testament when you read the New Testament? Can you imagine having part of the Bible withheld? How would you understand the advent, atonement or promises of Jesus Christ without the foundation of the Law and the Prophets? Carmen talks with professor Peter Kapsner about efforts to unhinge the Old Testament from the New and the need for Christians to be people of the whole Book and not just selective parts of it.

Carmen and Peter also discuss the reality of and responses to revelations of sexual abuse in the church. Carmen has had several conversations about this topic. For further equipping on this topic click here.

From one college professor to another, Carmen talks with Cedarville University’s chaplain, professor Dan DeWitt. Carmen asks Dan to explain talking donkeys and burning bushes. 

Today is the Collegiate Day of Prayer. Carmen is praying today for her alma maters: The University of Florida and Princeton Theological Seminary; the University of Northwestern St Paul which produces and broadcasts Mornings with Carmen; campuses near her home including Vanderbilt, Belmont, Lipscomb and Welch; colleges where she has recently spoken in Chapel including Belhaven and Mississippi College; and she’s praying for colleges where she has friends on the faculty or knows students attending. Those include Cedarville, Liberty, Biola, Fuller, Houston Baptist, Montreat, and Loyola Marymount.  What colleges and universities are you praying for today? Adopt a campus now!


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