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February 26, 2019

Mornings w Carmen hour 2, Tuesday, 2-26-2019 The Common Rule with Justin Earley and Travis Wussow on abortion and abuse


Carmen talks with missionary turned lawyer turned author turned missionary Justin Whitmel Earley about his new book, The Common Rule: Habits of Purpose in an Age of Distraction.  They talk through the four daily and four weekly habits we all need to cultivate in order to cut new grooves that lead to the life God intends.  Each habit corresponds to both the love of God and love of neighbor – and those who make these habits the common rule of life find real joy.

The daily habits are:

  • kneeling prayer at morning, midday and bedtime (there’s something about doing something physical that’s out of the ordinary that creates a change in the way we pray and think about praying),
  • one meal with others, (yes, every day)
  • one hour with phone off (yes, while you’re awake) and
  • Scripture before phone (yes, really and yes, everyday and yes, substantively).

The weekly habits are:

  • one hour of conversation with a friend (real conversation, at one sitting),
  • curate media to four hours (curate means you’re consciously choosing sources and content of ALL media),
  • fast from something for 24 hours (you could fast from food, social media, screens, biting your nails…its about discipline), and
  • sabbath. (I’ve done entire programs on this topic – I’m thinking specifically about the conversation I had with Ruth Haley Barton and her book, Invitation to Retreat: The Gift and Necessity of Time Away with God)

And each of the habits is expressed in relationship to God and to neighbor.

Rounding out the day, Carmen talks with Travis Wussow from the D.C. office of the ERLC. They discuss the Senate’s failure to pass the Born Alive Protection Act, trends related to abortion in America and then turn their attention to resources available for those responding to the Abuse of Faith series exposing widespread sexual abuse by leaders in churches affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.



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