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March 5, 2019

Mornings w Carmen Tuesday 3-5-2019 hour 2, Ebola outbreak and vaccine, Medical Marijuana and becoming Better Angels

Western news media is slow to cover the second most deadly outbreak of ebola in recorded history. Dr. David Stevens from the Christian Medical & Dental Association shares about the current outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo which has already claimed 557 lives. Dr. Stevens talks about the hemorrahagic fever that passes easily to those seeking to treat victims. The situation is complicated by the ongoing civil war in the region.  In 2018, the CDC withdrew workers from the outbreak zone because of intense local conflicts. Things on the ground have not substantively improved.  Just this week, two medical groups that were running response operations withdrew their personnel following attacks on Ebola treatment centers.

Dr. Stevens did share the amazingly good news that the ebola vaccine developed in response to the last outbreak is 100% effective. 100% That’s amazing! Unfortunately, the vaccine has to be kept 179 degrees BELOW zero – which is difficult to achieve and maintain in the affected region of the Congo. Why aren’t we hearing more about it here in the U.S? Because to this point its affecting communities relatively disconnected from major populations. But as ebola moves toward a city of over a million people, fears too will spread.

Carmen and Dr. Stevens also discuss medical marijuana.


Wrapping up the hour Carmen talks with John Wood and Rob Robertson from Better Angels. Today’s public discourse is often dominated by extremes and it can feel as if red and blue define not only political positions but people with whom we are either allied or in absolute and total opposition. But there’s a better way. There always has been. It’s the way of the Better Angels.

With a focus on the cultivation of empathy, really hearing one another and a deep desire to be in relationship with others, Better Angels is seeking to redeem the conversations of our day and re-weave the social trust despite differences.

Carmen was reminded in this conversation of others who are likewise engaged like Justin Giboney and Michael Wear at The And Campaign, the Problem Solvers and Reformers caucuses in Congress and professors Robert George and Cornell West. We don’t have to give up our sincerely positions in order to take a stand, but we must seek a restoration of civility between us.


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