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March 13, 2019

Mornings w Carmen Wed 3-13-2019 hour 1: Venezuela, Syria and Israel, politics as mission field plus Kyle Idleman’s book Don’t Give Up

Carmen opens with a quick commentary on the college admissions cheating scheme and then talks international headlines with Drew Griffin from Providence Magazine. They discuss:

  • U.S. plans to close all immigration field offices worldwide,
  • Venezuela – what does the U.S. withdraw of all embassy personnel and families signal about intelligence assessments on the ground? (spoiler: it’s not good. Drew uses the words “mortal danger.”)
  • Syria – following good news headlines about ISIL’s defeat Drew points to a conversation Robert Nicholson had with Frederic Hof reminding us that the loss of geography is not indicative of the loss of influence among the people of the region. A battle for hearts and minds cannot be measured by Western notions of political legitimacy.
  • Israel – to sum it up, Netanyahu is in trouble; and
  • Politics as Mission Field (today’s must read article by Daniel Strand)


Pastor Kyle Idleman joins Carmen for a look at his newest book: Don’t Give Up: Faith that Gives You the Confidence to Keep Believing and the Courage to Keep Going.  They discuss the three words we all need to hear, the 5 reasons you can trust God’s timing, what to do when God’s timing doesn’t seem to line up with your expectations and the reality that God’s got your back. Kyle also shares news about his role at Southeast Christian Church, what the words “Always, only, Jesus” mean to him and his heart for the church.



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