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March 6, 2019

Mornings w Carmen Wed 3-6-2019 hour 1, Kara Powell on Growing With and Hunter Baker on restoring civic virtue

With gems like, “Doubt isn’t toxic” to the faith development of young people, “silence is,” Kara Powell offers up great wisdom from Growing With: every parent’s guide to helping teenagers and young adults thrive in their faith, family and future.  This interview is SO good, I’m turning it into a Spotlight Interview (which means we’re currently working to transcribe it).

Hunter Baker from Union University then speaks into headlines related to students behaving badly.  From the very public assault of a conservative student on the campus of UC Berkeley to high school students in Newport Beach, California and Spain Park, Alabama on social-media posted video saying vile racist and anti-Semitic things, Hunter provokes us to think deeply about how we got to this particular point and how we proceed positively from here.

We also revisit the Better Angels interview from yesterday as Hunter is on the Board of Directors for that organization. If you missed my conversation yesterday with John Wood and Rob Robertston, you can find it here.



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