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March 6, 2019

Mornings w Carmen Wed 3-6-2019 hour 2 Better meetings w Bill English and redeeming public theology w Miroslav Volf

Each week Bill English brings the Bible to bear on the business of business. Today, Carmen gets into the business of meetings – particularly bad ones! If you’ve ever sat through a poorly run, unproductive meeting then this conversation is for you! Bill shares the stats related to meetings and then helps you know how to make meetings more productive, work with people who dominate meetings (there’s an intervention here with Carmen!) and how to prepare for, run and follow up for the greatest productivity and JOY!

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Carmen then turns to a conversation with public theologian and professor from the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, Miroslav Volf. Together they think through the need for a restoration of theology and how that might happen in the “lazy river” culture of America today. Miroslav observes that many in America have made the means (what they do for work), the end and, he points out, there’s not enough there there to support the weight of that expectation. There is a very real human quest and Christians know that quest to be all about the pearl of great price – true life, real life, full life, flourishing life.  Miroslav helps us reconnect to the human quest which then leads us to see our need for theology – thinking deeply and carefully and intentionally about life.  And yes, there’s a book: For the Life of the World: Theology that Makes a Difference

And if today’s taste whet’s your appetite for more…here’s more with Mirsoslav Volf!



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