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February 12, 2019

Mornings with Carmen 2-12-2019 Tommy Binion from Heritage, Rosemary Stein on measles and autism, Karen Swallow Prior on SBC #AbuseofFaith, and Eric Baxter from BecketLaw on Religious freedom cases

What’s going on in DC with regards to the funding deal, the Attorney General, the Green New Deal and Illhan Omar’s anti-semitic tweets? Carmen discusses all these headlines with Tommy Binion from The Heritage Foundation.

The CDC is reporting the number of cases of measles is in the U.S. has now surpassed 100 and some teens are seeking vaccinations apart from their parents’ consent. What’s going on? Carmen asks pediatrician Rosemary Stein. They also discuss treatments for autism and how parents with autistic kids can help them sleep.

Tommy Binion,, @tpbinion
Dr. Rosemary Stein, FB @RosemarySteinMD

In the second hour Carmen talks with Dr. Karen Swallow Prior about the revelations related to sexual abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention. They discuss support for survivors, advocacy for change and the need to bring accountability into reality amidst the SBC’s autonomous structure.

Carmen rounds out the show with a conversation about religious liberty with Becket Law’s Eric Baxter. From the University of Iowa cases related to BLinC and Intervarsity to Big Mountain Jesus and the Bladensburg Cross, Carmen and Eric remind listeners of the threat of viewpoint discrimination and the Constitutional guarantee of religious freedom – in full expression.

Karen Swallow Prior, @KSPrior
Eric Baxter,, @esbax

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