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February 13, 2019

Mornings with Carmen 2-13-2019 Drew Griffin on antisemitism, providence, and foreign policy; Ben Trueblood and Brian Mills on A Different College Experience; Bill English on national debt and leadership; Valerie Elliott Sherpard on Devotedly book

There’s been a 74% increase year over year in antisemitic acts in France. Carmen asks Drew Griffin to help us understand antisemitism and why people hate – specifically – Jews. They also discuss Drew’s approach as a Christian to foreign policy conversations. They discuss Christian realism, providence and stewardship and power.

College yearbooks and what people did in college has been in the headlines of late. Carmen talks with Ben Trueblood and Brian Mills about their book, A Different College Experience. How can Christians young people be prepared for a college experience that rejects the offers of licentious living and instead grow in their wisdom and devotion to Christ during college?

Drew Griffin, @dg_nyc @provmagazine
Ben Trueblood and Brian Mills, @bentrueblood @brianmills247

The U.S. debt is now $22 trillion. Why does that matter and how can the church prepare for the eventuality of an economic collapse in America? Carmen discusses those questions with Bill English – they also get into the leadership lessons we can all learn from football.

Have you ever seen the movie End of the Spear about Jim Elliott and four other missionaries killed as they sought to make contact with an unreached tribe in Ecuador? Did you know Jim and Elisabeth Elliott had a 10 month old baby girl when Jim died? Did you know her name is Valerie? She talked with Carmen today about her parents, their courtship and devoted love. Valerie Elliott Shephard has compiled her parents’ love letters and journals into a book, Devotedly: The Personal Letters and Love Story of Jim and Elisabeth Elliott.

Bill English,, @MinnestoaBill
Valerie Elliott Shephard,

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