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February 14, 2019

Mornings w/Carmen 2-14-2019 Valentine’s day, Ben Johnson on love & economics, Diane Langberg on #AbuseofFaith, Peter Kapsner on God’s love, Matthew Soerens on love & neighbor

God says in Christ,
“Be Mine!”

Truth is, there’s a verse about the reality of the human heart that is never featured on a Valentine’s day card: Jeremiah 17:9 exposes “the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” What does that have to do with Valentine’s day? Listen to Carmen’s open for today’s show!

Ben Johnson from the Acton Institute discusses what love has to do with economics and public policy and then Dr. Diane Langberg equips listeners to respond to victims of sexual abuse. She and Carmen have a candid conversation and LOTS of resources.

Ben Johnson, @ActonInstitute
Diane Langberg, @DianeLangberg


In the second hour, Carmen and Peter Kapsner discuss the reality of love as a many splendored – and splintered thing. They talk about God who is love, the command of God to love, the gift of love and the love of neighbor as an expression that we know God (I John 4).

Rounding out today’s program, Carmen discusses how we can tangibly love our neighbors with Matthew Soerens.


Peter Kapsner, @myfaithradio
Matthew Soerens, @MatthewSoerens, @WorldRelief


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