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February 21, 2019

Mornings with Carmen 2-21-19 | Ben Johnson on Universal Childcare | Katharine Gerbner on Christian Slavery | Peter Kapsner on Disintegrating Transgender Ideology | Sick of Me with Whitney Capps

Is childcare a right everyone should have? Should it be free? Ben Johnston from the Acton Institute talks with Carmen about Elizabeth Warren’s universal childcare proposal. Going deeper, they discuss what research shows is ideal for children and how the church can best support their well-being.

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Next, University of Minnesota Assistant History Professor Katharine Gerbner calls out the myth that early Protestant missionaries laid the groundwork for abolition. She explores the church’s role in actually justifying slavery in early America and what the implications are for racism today. Her book is Christian Slavery.



Peter Kapsner from the University of Minnesota has a robust conversation with Carmen about the temptation of the church to compromise with the ideas of the culture even though they are contrary to Scripture. They discuss how we got where we are and they lift up new voices that are courageously calling out transgender ideology and articulating beautifully God’s design and purpose for male and female.

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Finally, Whitney Capps, national speaker for Proverbs 31 and author of Sick of Me, gets brutally honest about sanctification vs. self help. What is the difference between living a gospel adjacent life and a gospel advancing one? It’s time to get real about elevating ourselves over Christ even in our pursuit of holiness.


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