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February 23, 2019

Mornings with Carmen 2-22-2019 Religious liberty w Matthew Hawkins, Marriage that Works with Chip Ingram, movies and more with Adam Holz, and all things pro-life with Kim Ketola

Carmen’s open: “I was reminded yesterday of the faithfulness of God, His goodness, His ability to do far more than we ordinarily dare to ask or imagine.  I was with a group of Christians last night and we were singing How Great is our God. As some point I heard it in my head as a question instead of a declaration. So, let me ask you, “How great is our God?” So great! Infinitely great! The greatest! As great as great gets!
“God is greater than every other lesser god and God is greater than whatever you are facing today in terms of temptations, trials, challenges, and difficult people. God is greater than your greatest fear and God is greater than your greatest love.

“When I was little I prayed a very simple prayer, “God is great and God is good, let us thank Him for our food. By His hands we all are fed, give us this day our daily bread.” I don’t when I stopped praying that particular prayer before each meal but as I sang “How Great is our God” last night with my brothers and sisters in Christ in Thomasville, Georgia, it was if the Father smiled and said, “yes, my child, what you prayed with affirmation as a child and what you sing today is true – I am great and I am good and I am here and I am with you.”

“What better way to start our day than with the assurance of God’s greatness, His goodness, His presence and His grace?” 

Carmen talks with Matthew Hawkins @mthawk about:

  • churches dealing with allegations of abuse
  • religious freedom and why defending it for others matters for Christians

Then Carmen talks with Chip Ingram of Living on the Edge about marriage and his new book, Marriage that Works.







In the second hour, Carmen’s conversations are with Adam Holz from PluggedIn abou

t movies hitting the big screen and one show to avoid on the small screen.

Rounding out the show Carmen talks with Kim Ketola from Cradle My Heart about efforts by pro-abortion advocates to co-opt pro-life language and reframe abortion as pro-life. Yes, really!


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