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February 25, 2019

The Oscars, TERFS, and China

Did you watch the Oscars last night?  What is communicated by what people choose to wear?  If you watched the Oscars you’ve got an opportunity today to talk about moral messaging, virtue signaling and yes, what not to wear.

So, who are you wearing today? (Hint: as Christians we put on Christ – not as a put on but as a covering. We also put on the full armor of God in order that we might stand.)


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Turning attention to culture, Carmen leads off today with Brandon Showalter from the Christian Post. They discuss women (aka TERFS) who are being banned from social media platforms because they’re defending the feminist position that women are women (and men are not).  They also discuss the good news of the Gospel’s advance in China – via Africa.

Have you ever heard of an abortion shower? I hadn’t either. But there’s a song about it…

A singer named Amanda Palmer has released a single that includes:

But no one’s gonna celebrate you
No one’s gonna bring you cake
And no one’s gonna shower you with flowers

The doctor won’t congratulate you
No one on that pavement’s gonna
Shout at you that your heart also matters

It’s a strange grief but it’s grief
Look at all the women in the street
You know the statistics, Jill
Even though they may not help Isn’t it amazing
How we can never tell
Who is in an identical Hell

I can bring some friends if you want us to come
We can bring you cake and we can bring you flowers
We can bring you wine and we can talk for hours
Ukulele by request
We’ll throw you the best
Abortion shower

Note the acknowledgement that there is grief and that the woman who has an abortion suffers Hell. That is strong language for a song celebrating abortion and offering to celebrate the event with an abortion shower.

Carmen then talks with Adam Carrington from Hillsdale College. They discuss a range of headlines from President Trump’s announcement via Twitter that he has delayed a tariff deadline with China, polls indicating that Democrats don’t really want their party to rush to the socialist left, Vice President Pence in Columbia and President Trump in Vietnam and anticipating the release of the Mueller report.




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