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February 7, 2019

Mornings with Carmen 2-7-2019 Dante’s hell vs. the Bible in political speech; Religious tests?; Why we do what we do on Faith Radio; Evangelism click bait; and reaching college campuses for Christ

Will people be condemned to hell because of particular political actions they take in this life? That’s the question which rises from recent rhetoric in Great Britain surrounding Brexit. But it surfaces a larger conversation for Christians: what assumptions do we make about another’s relationship with God because of their political positions or rhetoric? How much does Dante’s vision of hell inform my understanding more than what the Bible actually says? Carmen discusses these and more stories at the intersection of politics and religion with Acton’s Ben Johnson.

70 years ago today, the President of the Northwestern Bible College, a young man named Billy Graham, dedicated a radio station to reach the people of the Twin Cities of Minnesota with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That one station, paid for by offerings from students, is now the Faith Radio Network, a part of Northwest Media and the University of Northwestern, St Paul.

In the second hour, Carmen is joined by the former host of Faith Radio Mornings, professor Peter Kapsner. They discuss the recently research by the Barna Group and Alpha USA that “Practicing Millennials think Evangelism is wrong.” They also discuss the challenges faced by Christians seeking to live as men and women created equally in God’s image, but distinctly so, in a time of great gender and role confusion.

Sticking with college campus theme, Carmen talks with Julie Loos whose background in apologetics and work with Ratio Christi uniquely positions her to understand and speak to the challenges Christian college students face today. They discuss the upcoming Collegiate Day of Prayer (2/28), the Every Campus initiative and Campus Ministry link.

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