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Must Read Monday: The Prayer Circle: Texans Rebuild After Harvey as a Practice of Faith

September 11, 2017

The Prayer Circle: Texans Rebuild After Harvey as a Practice of Faith

Note the surprise in this article as the journalist grapples with the authenticity and depth of faith of those whose material possessions were washed away by Hurricane Harvey. Note the strains of thanksgiving and chords of praise even as the widow and her son face the circumstances of life. Note the faith demonstrated by those who came to do what Christ compels us to do as we look after widows and orphans in their distress. If you’re looking for an article to buoy you, this is it.

Faith groups provide the bulk of disaster recovery, in coordination with FEMA

Note who arrives to help when disaster strikes? Hint: It’s the Christians.

Apocalyptic Thoughts Amid Nature’s Chaos? You Could Be Forgiven

Earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods put people in touch with two realities: relative human frailty and absolute natural power.  The question that follows is one quite cosmic: Is there anything not so frail and any supernatural force more powerful? Even the New York Times finds itself asking. As Christians, we have the answer and this is our time to share it in ways that invite people to move from question to faith.

Christians Under Assault

There is a limited window of opportunity to pass key legislation assisting Christians of Iraq to return safely to their homes. Read more about this legislation and how to contact your Senators here.

She rejected chemotherapy and chose to die of cancer – so she could give birth to her child

“No greater love,” that’s all could think as I read this. 

When we describe ourselves as “pro-life,” do we mean THIS pro-life?

Earth’s revenge and demons in the wind: the most baffling theories about Hurricane Irma

Why do we turn to God in times of distress? Because God alone is able to handle that which overwhelms us. God is great and God is good. God is able and God is unmovable. As the song proclaims, “sometimes He calms the storm and sometimes He calms His child,” but either way, God is present and active.

Not Your Messiah

The best thing I’ve ever read in terms of helping me hear, understand and respond to the veterans in my family and those I meet along the path of life. Read this. Listen. May those who have ears, hear.

Nabeel Qureshi Says Doctors Believe His Body Is in Its ‘Final Stages of Life’

Finally, an update from our friend and colleague, Nabeel Qureshi. Please pray.


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