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Must Read Monday: Trump ends DACA, despite pleas from Evangelical Advisers

September 5, 2017

Trump Ends DACA, Despite Pleas from Evangelical Advisers— Christianity Today

The Trump Administration will end DACA, a program that protected 800,000 undocumented immigrants who were brought to this country as children. Evangelical leaders attempted to persuade the President to keep the program in place, but the President today announced through his attorney general, his intention to end the program in six months unless Congress can codify it into law.

Here Are The Facts About North Korea’s Nuclear Test— NPR

Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., said: “We have kicked the can down the road long enough. There is no more road left.” The anxiety you’re feeling is evidence of the reality that history is not progressive – things are not getting progressively better. The world is fallen and in need of redemption. The good news of the Gospel is the redemptive arc towards where we are headed.

We discussed the Nashville Statement last week. Here are two dueling op-eds on the topic:

I signed the Nashville Statement. It’s an expression of love for same-sex attracted people. — Al Mohler, Washington Post

The Nashville Statement Is an Attack on L.G.B.T. Christians — Eliel Cruz, NYTimes

U.S. Protestants Are Not Defined by Reformation-Era Controversies 500 Years Later— PEW

As we approach the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation this October, many Protestant Christians are split on foundational beliefs like salvation by faith alone.

Want to hear what these foundational truths are and why they are important?

Sola Scriptura

Sola Gloria

Sola Fide

Sola Gracia

Sola Christus

When Jesus Doesn’t Calm the Storm— Christianity Today

A pastor and seminary professor in Houston addresses the reality of the question, what happens when Jesus doesn’t calm the storm? The reality is, our theology is never meant to be abstract, it is meant to be applied in the real world. This professor searches his own heart as he seeks to do so in the wake of such great human suffering.

Listen to our interview with Jeremiah Johnston, another Christian thinker, who was forced to evacuate with his family. He shares how we hold to truth when the waters are rising all around us.

New research on technology and sex: Parents: if you think you’re being overprotective, think again— Church and Culture

A new, massive study on the relationship between technology and sex was just released by the Kinsey Institute. Among other things, the research indicates kids are seeing porn and learning about sex online at younger and younger ages. Parents need to be aware that we cannot just protect our kids from porn, we need to prepare them for a porn-saturated culture. It’s coming at them, even if you do everything you can to protect them inside your home. We have to understand and have strategies for what happens when they leave. Listen to our conversation with pastor Dean Inserra on this topic.

Los Angeles fire spread halted, work to contain it continues— Reuters

Even while people are just surveying and realizing the full damage of Harvey, another potentially deadly hurricane heads for Florida, and forest fires threaten Los Angeles.


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