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July 9, 2019

My baloney has a first name and now my cookie has a preferred pronoun

Dr. Karen Swallow Prior joins Carmen on launch day for the new book, Cultural Engagement: A Crash Course in Contemporary Issues. The book covers everything from sexuality to immigration to capital punishment with contributions from a variety of authors who represent a panorama of perspectives – but who all identify as Christian. How can that be and how do we discern the truth out of all that? That’s what the book is all about.

Then Dr. Peter Kapsner and Carmen talk about New York City’s new gender inclusive guidelines and how educators and parents are to navigate the ever-changing seas of LGBTQ accommodation. They also discuss the move by the Church of England to recognize transgender marriage and the corporate virtue signaling of Nabisco in its “name your own pronoun” Oreo campaign.

Best line of the day? Carmen, “My baloney has a first name. Peter, does your cookie have a pronoun?”


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