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April 7, 2020

Not all are suffering proportionally | Justin Giboney on Churches helping churches | Jeff Myers on Unquestioned Answers

All are suffering but all are not suffering equally nor even proportionally. 

  • last week I talked with Terence Lester about the particular fears and vulnerabilities of those who are homeless;  
  • there have been a number of stories acknowledging that home is the least safe place for many people and many vulnerable children, disabled and elderly people are now trapped in their homes with abusers who are under stress (I’m talking with Kimberlee Norris from MinistrySafe tomorrow); 
  • we are also going to be begin reading stories about those who are dying in U.S. Federal and state prisons; 
  • Native Americans are suffering disproportionately as well (I’m talking with Ruth Kramer from Mission Network News about this tomorrow);
  • and there are also stories indicating that people of color are suffering from Coronavirus at disproportionate rates in America. Several reasons are offered but they all have to do with poverty and resources. Blacks makes up 30% of the population in Chicao but 50% of the Covid19 cases. The same is true in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   In Louisiana, blacks account for 70 percent of the coronavirus deaths.

Love of neighbor and concern for those who may not only have less but who are suffering from a generational lack of access to resources must lead to an extension of resources now to the places and people who need them most. 

The And Campaign is on the forefront of justice concerns in the U.S. and I had Justin Giboney on today to talk across a range of topics.

Then I talked with Jeff Myers from Summit Ministries about his new book, Unquestioned Answers.



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