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November 19, 2020

Our Political Divide and Underlying Theological Divide | A Truthful Response to Progressive Christianity

Human Rights Campaign Demands Biden Deny Accreditation to Christian Schools and Colleges

 From Dr. Albert Mohler:

…the most shocking demand in the report is found under the section for the Department of Education. The Human Rights Campaign demands the Biden administration to ensure that “non-discrimination policies and science-based curriculum are not undermined by religious exemption to accreditation standards.”

That is sinister. I’ve not seen any document like this before—the Human Rights Campaign is effectively calling for religious colleges and schools to be coerced into the sexual revolution or stripped of accreditation.

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Today’s Guests

Peter Kapsner – 50 Shades of Truth

Peter talks with us today about about how our partisan divide is more of a theological divide. Within this discussion, he states what it means to be “deeply religious” in America today and what it means to be secular. Furthermore, he equips us for conversations about “organized religion” – how we respond to that term, think about it, and live it differently.

Alisa Childers – Author of “Another Gospel”

No, Alisa Childers is not giving us another gospel, but rather reveals that much of the Christian religious landscape has shifted. She shows us that an increased number of people are being drawn to progressive Christianity and away from traditional Christianity. Along with other observations, Alisa helps equip us with tactics to use determining if our church is proclaiming, “another gospel.”

For more information on this book and her work, check her website out at





Today’s Episode

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