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January 9, 2020

Parsing Michelle Williams Golden Globes speech with Peter Kapsner | The sad and necessary division of The United Methodist denomination

Sunday night during The Golden Globe awards internationally televised event, actress Michelle Williams gave the following speech:

“Thank you so much, first of all to my Fosse/Verdon family and to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. When you put this in someone’s hands, you’re acknowledging the choices that they make as an actor, moment by moment, scene by scene, day by day, but you’re also acknowledging the choices they make as a person, the education they pursued, the training they sought, the hours they put in.

“I’m grateful for the acknowledgment of the choices I’ve made, and I’m also grateful to have lived at a moment in our society where choice exists because as women and as girls, things can happen to our bodies that are not our choice. I’ve tried my very best to live a life of my own making and not just a series of events that happened to me, but one that I can stand back and look at and recognize my handwriting all over—sometimes messy and scrawling, sometimes careful and precise, but one that I carved with my own hand. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without employing a woman’s right to choose. To choose when to have my children and with whom. When I felt supported and able to balance our lives knowing as all mothers know that the scales must and will tip towards our children, now,

“I know my choices might look different than yours. But thank God, or whomever you pray to, that we live in a country founded on the principle that I am free to live by my faith and you are free to live by yours. Women, 18 to 118, when it is time to vote, please do so in your own self-interest. It’s what men have been doing for years. It’s what men have been doing for years, which is why the world looks so much like them. Don’t forget: We are the largest voting body in this country. Let’s make it look more like us. Tommy and Matilda, I can’t wait to come home to you.”

In today’s conversation, Carmen and Peter Kapsner address the worldview espoused and the implications for a culture applauding and awarding such.

Then, in the second half (beginning at the 22:00 minute mark) Carmen talks with UMC pastor Tom Lambrecht about the sad and necessary division of The United Methodist denomination.


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