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January 27, 2022

The Prominence of Trees in Biblical Narratives | A Heightened Opportunity for the Gospel in Ukraine

Today’s Guests

Jeff Bilbro – Grove City College & Front Porch Republic

Inspired by Andrew Peterson and Tim Mackle’s Hutchmoot podcast, Jeff and Carmen dive into the wide world of “Trees at the Heart of Creation.” This podcast was also inspired by Andrew’s book, “The God of the Garden.” So if you’re into trees and even if you’re not, it’d be a worthy read or listen.

To hear Carmen’s previous conversation with Andrew Peterson about his book, click here.

Ruth Kramer – Mission Network News

Toxic ash has rained down on Tonga after a large volcano eruption. What does it look like on the ground and how are the needs being taken care of? In other news, Fear of Ukraine being invaded by Russia looms heavily and Burkina’s military has staged a successful coup. There are many things to talk about and many more to pray about.

Today’s Episode


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