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January 29, 2022

Giving of Yourself So a Child Will Thrive | Clinging to the Past and the Future When the Present is So Precarious

Today’s Guests

Mitch Hildebrant – OneChild Conversation

Children are a heritage and a reward. They are a blessing! The children we’re seeking to find champions for today have parents who love them deeply but who cannot provide them sufficiently. They need our help to provide the most basic needs for their children. This is what the church does for one another – we sacrifice and become willing to live a little more simply that someone else might simply live.

Adam Holz – Chris Martin

Are you selling your prayers? If not, some people are selling theirs on an app. Similarly, is there any hope in our developing digital dystopia? Jesus is that hope, and Chris offers us some more underneath him. Chris also gives us some info about his upcoming book that releases Tuesday, February 1, titled “Terms of Service.”

Today’s Episode 


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