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January 7, 2021

The State of Human Freedom and the Capitol | What Will You Name 2021?

Storming of the U.S. Capitol – Carmen’s Call to Christian Citizenship and a Denunciation of Violent American Citizenship

“We have no king but King Jesus”

     Yesterday was a long day. We started out anticipating the outcome of Georgia’s two Senate run off elections and the Constitutionally mandated joint meeting of the U.S. Congress to certify the vote of the electoral college in the Presidential election. Both of those outcomes are now before us. But in the meantime, the U.S. Capitol was stormed and four people are dead. If they had not been Americans, we would have called it an act of war as the two highest ranking U.S. officials in succession to serve as President, the Vice President and the Speaker of the House were both present in the chamber when the mob surged past the Capitol Police and breached the building. But this wasn’t an invasion by a foreign enemy, this was an act of domestic frustration – even desperation – but it was nonetheless lawless, dangerous, reprehensible, abhorrent – my list of descriptors is long.

     I understand the frustration of those who find valid cause for alarm over the election processes in several states of this union. I understand the desire to see comprehensive election reform. I share the desire for free, fair and accurate elections. I do not deny we need reform – but violence is not the path. And waving the flag of Christianity, invoking the name of God or claiming that what was done yesterday was done in the spirit of Jesus only confuses the cause of Christ in the world. 

As Christians we are first citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. We have no King but Jesus. 

     As Americans we also bear responsibilities of citizenship that include great and wide liberties – guaranteed by the Bill of Rights which dates back to 1689. Those rights include the right to peaceably assemble and the right to petition the government for redress of grievances which is the right to make a complaint to, or seek the assistance of, one’s government, without fear of punishment or reprisals.  What happened yesterday, went beyond that and tested the question of our commitment to being a nation of laws. 

     In the end, at 3:55 a.m. eastern time, Vice President Mike Pence dropped the gavel on the joint session of the U.S. Congress confirming that in two weeks from now, Joe Biden will be inaugurated to the office of the Presidency of the United States. President Trump confirmed as much when the White House issued a statement by the President which includes these words: “There will be an orderly transition on January 20th.” 

     Yesterday did not have to go as it did. And today is now before us. How we live as ambassadors of the Kingdom of God in the midst of the kingdoms of this world is ours to determine. But let us be mindful of the fact that is not only our reputation at stake, it is the very reputation of God and the Gospel which we seek to see go forth to a generation who knows not God.

Today’s Guests

Ben Johnson – Acton Institute

Ben weighs in on yesterday’s events and helps guide us through various political, cultural and religious headlines from around the United States and world.

Kathy Branzell – National Day of Prayer Taskforce

Kathy joins us again to reorient our hearts and minds through prayer. She helps us develop prayers for this year that are blessings and not curses and a Word to journey with God through 2021.

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