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February 23, 2021

SCOTUS Actions Regarding FP Trump. Continued Hearings on Biden’s Cabinet Picks | Using Our Imagination to Overcome Hardship

An Empty Chair

Yesterday, at sunset, the President of the United States, his wife, the Vice President and her husband, stood in solemn recognition of the overwhelming threat and power and finality of death. It was, in the words of C.S. Lewis, a grief observed. 

Since the CDC began noting COVID19 as an official cause of death, more than half a million Americans and millions of others around the world have died as a result. Directly or indirectly, it was a contributing factor. And the loss of those lives leaves a void in the lives of others. Maybe you have such a void in your life now – a loved one or coworker, a neighbor, a service provider, a friend – whose death do you grieve today? 

Now, for a moment, consider the number of people who are grieving without the hope of heaven. 

In his remarks, the President noted the loss of those who died and the grief of those who are left behind. He identifies with the suffering of husbands who have lost a wife, fathers who have lost a child. He is, in fact, a man acquainted with grief. 

“I know that when you stare at that empty chair around the kitchen table, it brings it all back — no matter how long ago it happened — as if it just happened that moment you looked at that empty chair. …

And the everyday things — the small things, the tiny things — that you miss the most. That scent when you open the closet. That park you go by that you used to stroll in. That movie theater where you met. The morning coffee you shared together. The bend in his smile. The perfect pitch to her laugh.”

Carmen has written about the empty chair before. For more info of that click the link here:

Today’s Guests

Mark Caleb Smith – Cedarville University

The Supreme Court has approved a New York prosecutor to gain and open former President Trump’s tax returns. The Supreme Court also heard a speech given by Merrick Garland, the nominee for Attorney General. This and more are on the list for today’s episode with  Mark Caleb and Carmen!

Junius Johnson – Author of “Father of Lights”

Junius leads us through his upcoming essay for the Lenten series over at He believes that Christians “take the world as it is, but instead to yearn and live towards that place.” He believes that the heart of this belief must come from hope, both what we hope in and for, but also how we hope. So, in wonderful Junius fashion, he leads us back to imagination and how it can help ground our hope. 

Today’s Episode


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