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February 16, 2021

Opportunities for Influence Beyond Political Circles | Continued Unrest in Myanmar and China’s Covid Propaganda

Winter Freeze Strategies

The big news this morning is just how very very cold it is across the nation. It’s a LOT warmer this morning in Hartford, CT than it is in Nashville, TN or Dallas, TX where they are experiencing rolling blackouts. Millions are without power in subfreezing temperatures in parts of the country where people are not prepared to endure extreme cold nor are their homes insulated for such. Churches that have power are opening as warming centers contrary to some COVID restrictions and it’s a very important day to check on your elderly and medically fragile neighbors – keeping in mind that you cannot and must not try to drive on roads covered with ice – which many times you cannot even see. 

If folks have medical equipment that depends on electricity, they may need some help figuring out how to charge or run those devices for several days. 

Remember, you can charge your phone and some other devices in your car but you cannot run your vehicle in a closed garage. 

Also, you can cover your windows with plastic or blankets to keep the cold from seeping in. 

Turn off or unplug appliances so when the power comes back on, the energy surge does not damage them. And only plug in those appliances you actually need. Consider sealing off part of your house and congregating in one interior room that can more quickly heat up when the power is restored and will stay warm longer when the power is out. 

Today’s Guests

Nick Pitts – Fellow at the Institute for Global Engagement

Nick Pitts is in Dallas and experiencing the rolling blackouts we’re talking about. Amidst those blackouts, he and Carmen discuss a Pew Research study stating their findings that many Americans believe evangelicals will lose, rather than gain influence during Biden’s presidency. 

Luke Moon – Philos Project & Providence Magazine

Myanmar, China, and a former Nazi guard are on the docket for Luke and Carmen. Respectively, resistance to Myanmar’s coup is still happening, the cause of the Coronavirus is being battled by U.S. and Chinese officials, and the Nazi guard who is 100 years old is charged as an accessory to murder.

Today’s Episode


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