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February 10, 2022

The Migration of the Holy | Defining Your Worldview by God’s Word, Not Man’s

Today’s Guests

Jeff Bilbro – Grove City College & Front Porch Republic

An excerpt from Paul Kingsnorth’s, The Migration of the Holy blogpost:

We are worshipping something in our world, as we have always done, and understanding this is crucial to seeing the battles and divides of our time. There is nothing ‘rational’ about this world we have built, however much we might pretend otherwise. Does the world since the Enlightenment in the West – the world of Robespierre, Hitler, Stalin and Hiroshima – look ‘rational’ to you, or does it look like a world in which the Holy has migrated from the Heavenly to the Earthly realm, and is making mischief daily in the ruins?

Ruth Kramer – Mission Network News

Ruth has four tips for navigating the Israeli-Palestinian debates. She also has information for us to pray for regarding Malaysia and the Congo – let’s just put it this way, there are many dying every day without the hope of the Gospel.

Today’s Episode

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