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March 25, 2021

Biden’s Infrastructure Proposal and Roadblocks to Potential Teachers | Jesus Joins Us in Our Suffering

 Kindness Stories from Street Road

Hayden and Kaitlyn moved onto Street Road 13 months ago. We had not met them prior to the COVID shutdown but they walk our street every day with their dog. They are young and fit and faithfully wave as we pass one another. They both work in food and beverage so they have literally not worked for a year now as their music venue has not reopened. They were walking past last week when my husband was transplanting some young chestnut trees by the road. They got to chatting and Jim gave them two trees to take home. Yesterday, as Jim was potting ours, he loaded up two big tubs of composted soil and took it down to them. They were delighted. AND we learned they’re having a baby in late April! 

Also on Street Road yesterday, our friend Matt Comp came over to help Jim move the two 7 foot by 3 foot walnut pieces Jim constructed to fit into the 14 foot span across the open landing inside our 2 story entry. They will replace the railing to create a half wall and they’re massive. Matt drove across town to help Jim stage the next part of the process – relocating everything from the barn where Jim has been fashioning all the pieces. 

These two Kindness stories from Street Road are examples of what neighbors and friends do for one another every day across this great land and around the world. In the spirit of Christ, let us extend kindness to one another today. Till up the neighbor’s garden when you’re tilling your own; share your seedlings and your soil; help carry a load or move a pile or celebrate the promise of new life. Check on your neighbors today. 

The Kindness challenge is ongoing and its fun! 

Today on Street Road, eggs will be delivered, and maybe, just maybe, the joy of the Lord will be revealed. We’re planting seeds and we are trusting God to give the growth. 

Check out the Kindness Always initiative at 

Hey, while you’re there, note the information about the livestream event Sunday, March 28: A Night of Restoration, Jesus Cares for your Soul – with Susie Larson

Today’s Guests

Ben Johnson – Acton Institute

President Biden has a $5 Trillion infrastructure plan which includes making permanent changes to the child tax refund, green industry development and rural broadband expansion. Ben and Carmen also discuss China, Hong Kong and the Uighurs.

Walter Strickland – Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Author of “For God So Loved the World”

Dr. Strickland talks with us about“The Suffering Christ, the Christ who suffers for us and the Christ who suffers with us.” The premise is that Americans often look to Christ to help us to avoid suffering, but Christ is with us in it – Jesus “suffered under Pontius Pilate” – Christ was born to die, but also to suffer…

Walter helps lead us through what does it mean that Jesus suffered for us.

Today’s Episode


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