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March 30, 2021

Musician Markets “Satan Shoes.” Evangelist’s Family Broken Over Politics | Concerns Over New China-Iran Trade Agreement

Today’s Guests

Nick Pitts – Fellow at the Institute for Global Engagement

Satan shoes have hit the market and Nike is not too happy about it. Speaking of Satan, Rick Joyner says liberal activists are in league with Satan and that a civil war is imminent so Christians should be preparing to take up arms against our neighbors. Rick’s own children gravely disagree. All this and more in the conversation with Carmen and Nick!

Luke Moon – Philos Project and Providence Magazine

China and Iran are making a trade agreement. China also is continuing to persecute the Uighur people. Also in Syria, resources are in dire amounts. Following those global stories, Luke and Carmen discus’s #John15Challenge — a challenge for Christians to¬†remain in Christ.

Today’s Episode


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