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May 3, 2021

Having a New God-Infused Adventure | Closer Look at Senator Tim Scott’s Response to Biden Address

Today’s Guests

Sheridan Voysey – BBC Presenter and Author of “Reflect with Sheridan”

Carmen and Sheridan discuss an article from his website titled How to have an Adventure. He takes us through four characteristics of an adventure: 1) “It should be personal expressing our individuality; 2) It should be innovative, bringing something fresh into the world; 3) It should be purposeful, with love as its motivation; 4) It should involve risk, which makes the adventure real.”

Adam Carrington – Hillsdale College

We bring forward a more conversation about Senator Tim Scott’s response to Joe Biden’s address from Wednesday night and discuss various events from around the United States including new apportionments of House seats as well as a special outcome in local elections in Southlake, Texas.

Today’s Episode


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