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May 4, 2021

Caitlyn Jenner for CA Governor and Mitt Romney Faces Angry State Party | Teacher Appreciation and Helps

Today’s Guests

Daniel Bennett – John Brown University & Uneasy Citizenship Blog

Caitlyn Jenner, Senator Mitt Romney, the Catholic Diocese of San Francisco & the Supreme Court of the United States are all in the news and on the docket for Daniel and Carmen today.

David Schmus – President of the Christian Educators Association, International

It is teacher appreciation week. There are a lot of reasons to appreciate teachers this year as they have faced many challenges with COVID. In this conversation, David references “Matt and Will” who Carmen had a conversation with. Click here for a link to that previous conversation – To hear audio, click the download button on that page. For more information on the work of CEAI, click here.

Today’s Episode


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