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July 28, 2021

Seductive Unbiblical Ideas Embraced by Americans | Might Olympics Open Japan to the Gospel

Today’s Guests

George Barna – Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University

Recent research in the 2021 American Worldview Inventory from Arizona University reveals for us which unbiblical ideas are seducing the most American Christians. For instance, karma is one of the top Christian seducers and is usurping “you reap what you sow” with “you reap in this life what you sowed in your last life,” a completely false statement. Listen in for more of the top ideas taking American Christians by storm.

Ruther Kramer – Mission Network News

China, India, Japan, Middle East, and Lebanon are all on the docket for today. However, not all of them are what you might expect. For instance, there is a ministry called New DOOR that plans to reach the deaf in the Middle East with the Gospel. In Lebanon, tent schools have popped up amidst the crisis there. Please be praying for these countries and the people in them. May Christ shine his face on them and bring more to believe in his name!

Today’s Episode

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