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August 25, 2021

What Makes for a Religious Exemption for Vaccines | Being a Reasoned Gospel Witness on Secular College Campuses

Today’s Guests

Mark Caleb Smith – Cedarville University and Bereans at the Gate Blog

The August 31st deadline for troop withdrawal from Afghanistan is quickly approaching and many experts including military officials believe that the call needed to be made today whether an extension would need to be made on troop withdrawal. In other news, the New York Times finds it to be a good time to talk about religion. Mark also explains how religious exemptions to vaccines really works.

Drew Trotter – Consortium of Christian Study Centers

Drew and many others desire there to be a Christian voice among the secular ones at universities around the nation. He and the workers at Consortium of Christian Study Centers provide avenues for individuals form universities, whether students or professors, to voice Christian opinions and bring the mind to Christ to bear on the various studies done at a secular university.

Today’s Episode


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