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August 31, 2021

Afghan Catholic Priest Works to Save Disabled Children | What to Expect in Central Asia and Middle East post-Afghan Pullout

Today’s Guests

Nick Pitts – Fellow at the Institute for Global Engagement

Today we hear from Nick and Carmen of heroic efforts with subplots worth discussing: Catholic Priest and Nuns flee Afghanistan…with some disabled children…leaving others behind. It leads us to ask some very specific questions about what it looks for people of light to flee darkness. Nick and Carmen then move to discussing a Death Row inmate’s last request: prayer and human contact.

Luke Moon – Philos Project & Providence Magazine

Afghanistan is on the docket for Carmen and Luke. In fact, this graveyard of empires has brought us to ask the questions: How will this memory go down in history and what will happen between the rival groups left in the country now that we are gone.

Today’s Episode


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