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September 10, 2021

Helping the Oppressed in Myanmar and Afghanistan | 9/11 Remembrance From Across the Hudson

Today’s Guests

Dave Eubanks – Free Burma Rangers

Dave Eubanks and his family are missionaries to many countries, providing relief effort and training for indigenous peoples under persecutions. He and his family have particularly focused on the Burmese and training a military to fight against the oppression of their government also known as the Myanmar government. He is currently serving in Tajikistan to provide relief for those fleeing Afghanistan and the documentary titled “Free Burma Rangers” about his efforts is showing again in theaters Monday, September 13.

Keith Stevens – KTIS Morning Host (One of Faith Radio’s Music Sister Stations)

Keith helps us through a remembrance of  9/11, including the lives lost, sacrificed, and the changes it brought to life as we know it.

Today’s Episode


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