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September 21, 2021

The GOP’s Identity Crisis and the Problem with Pronouns | Shepherding a Congregation After a Suicide

Today’s Guests

Mark Caleb Smith – Cedarville University

The GOP has an identity crisis and it comes from multiple places. Carmen and Mark also discuss an article titled: Until I’m Told Otherwise, I prefer to Call You ‘They’. Finally they discuss how a Senate Parliamentarian has told Democrats that amnesty cannot be part of the several trillion dollar spending package.

Larry Osborne – Pastor of North Coast Church

Paige Hilken, wife of pastor, Christopher Hilken of North Coast Church has recently died by suicide and not only does Christopher and his family have to recover from this loss, but so does the congregation. So Larry, a pastor at North Coast Church, helps Carmen answer the question: How does a congregation recover from the suicide of a pastor.

Today’s Episode


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