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September 2, 2021

When Reporters Purposefully Disparage a Group of People | Praying for Those Affected by Afghan Pullout and 9/11

Today’s Guests

Ben Johnson – Media Reporter for the Daily Wire | The Rights Writer

Texas has now passed a fetal heartbeat law that has makes abortion illegal in Texas once a fetal heartbeat is discernible, which is about at 6 weeks. In other news, Carmen and Ben discuss the writers of news and how sometimes their reporting crosses lines in order to disparage a person or group of people.

Kathy Branzell – National Day of Prayer Taskforce

Let’s pray through the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Doing so includes praying for families who have sacrificed since for the war on terror and praying that God helps us see things how he sees them. Kathy also spurs us on to pray for those who are left behind and still need rescuing in Afghanistan.

Today’s Episode

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