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September 8, 2021

What Does it Mean to Love YOur ADHD Child? | Ministries Still Helping Get Afghans and Others Out of Country

Today’s Guests

Steve Arterburn – Author of “Loving your Child with ADHD & Loving Your Child Who Smokes Pot

In both “Understanding and Loving Your Child with ADHDand “Understanding and Loving Your Child Who Smokes Pot,” Steve hits on the most challenging topics parents face today. Filled with the insights, techniques, and strategies, Steve provides the tools needed for those facing the issues of twenty-first-century parenting. 

Ruth Kramer – Mission Network News

Afghanistan is obviously on Ruth’s list in discussing the persecuted Church. She also has some good news stories in the midst of a fever pitched, scary situation. She and Carmen also discusses some of India’s most troublesome trends for Christians as well as Lebanon’s “compassion fatigue.”

Today’s Episode


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