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December 22, 2021

How to Handle Omicron During the Holiday Season | Ignoring the Outside Voices and Trusting God’s Plan

Today’s Guests

Bret Nicks – Christian Medical & Dental Association

Lots of new news about COVID and the omicron variant is out there. Bret uses his medical expertise to help us navigate the questions we may have about everything from vaccine boosters, vaccinating our kids, and the “milder” nature of the new variant.

Allie Marie Smith – Author of “Wonderfully Made”

On a gloomy June day in 2001, eighteen-year-old Allie Marie Smith hopped in her blue Ford Explorer and headed north for the Golden Gate Bridge. She planned to jump off and end her life. 

Smith had been a scholar-athlete, part of the popular crowd at her all-girls high school, and appeared to have the ideal life. But hiding behind a pretty smile, she was fighting an internal battle with mental illness. “My body was alive, but there was no life within me,” Smith recalls. 

What happened? Did someone intervene? Why didn’t you go through with your plan?

Allie answers these questions and more, revealing to us the love of the great Heavenly Father in her life.

For more information on her book, “Wonderfully Made: Discover the Identity, Love, and Worth You Were Created For,” click here.

Today’s Episode


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