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January 14, 2022

Developing Plans that Work | Exploring What Forgiveness Actually Looks Like

Today’s Guests

John Brandon – Forbes Columnist & Digital Media Director for Northwestern Media

John wrote a book titled, “The Seven Minute Productivity Solution.” Why 7 minutes? In the episode below, he tells us how. Some questions we can ask ourselves though are: Who do I want to be and how will I become like that?

Wendy Alsup – Author of, “I Forgive You”

Forgiveness is a topic we imagine we know a lot about and yet Wendy weaves the story together in “I Forgive You” in a way that covers the enormous breadth and depth while also sharing what forgiveness means at the most personal level. Are you keeping sins? Whose? Why? Sins against me or my sins against others? What’s the relationship between forgiveness and reconciliation? Carmen asks all this and more in today’s episode below. 

Today’s Episode


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