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January 14, 2021

The Power of Saying “I Love You” | Reconciling Body and Spirit Amid Chronic Health Issues

This is a Cool Idea

We talked at the open of the first hour about the need to pray for revival if want things to be changed by God in the land in which we live. Revival, we noted, has never been sent without a concerted plea from God’s people who acknowledge the depth of their own sin and their nation’s desperate need for God. 

My colleague, Bill Arnold, is having an extended conversation with my next guest, Peter Kapsner, about prayer. I’m bringing Peter on early today to talk about that series and what he and Bill are learning about the practice and power of persistent prayer. 

Today’s Guests

Peter Kapsner – 50 Shades of Truth

Peter joins us once again to discuss some a diversity of topics from around the headlines. Some of the topics today include:

  • How do we feel when people outside your immediate family say, “I love you”?
  • Biden being sworn in with family Bible

Liuan Huska – Author of “Hurt Yet Whole”

Liuan Huska has written a book. Its full title is “Hurting Yet Whole: Reconciling Body and Spirit in Chronic Pain and Illness” She acknowledges that many Christians suffer with chronic pain and many have gone into silence because they have been told that in the Christian life we will experience wholeness through healing. Amidst that silence she tackles certain questions they may be asking such as, “Am I not asking God the right way?”, “Is something wrong with me?”. Overall, the goal of Liuan in her book is to bring everyone, especially the chronically ill, closer to Jesus. For more info on this book go to:



Today’s Episode


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